This blog is an exploration and catalog of mobile gardening. The experience of helping install a garden on a CTA train in 2011 made me reconsider what a garden is. Prior to that experience I had always thought of a garden as a place that is stationary. You go out into your yard to be in your garden. We leave our homes and garden to tour private and public gardens.

But what if gardens could come to us, instead of us going to them? How does the dynamic of our relationship with nature change when gardens are transformed from features of the landscape to figuratively, and sometimes literally, a traveling circus.

Can we combat Nature Deficit Disorder by bring nature and gardens to people, instead of the other way around? Can communities that lack green and open space benefit from immersion in mobile gardens?

Land ownerships is probably the biggest obstacle to gardening and once you change the perception of what a garden is: you open up gardening to a new and wider audience.

On this blog, the definition of mobile gardens will be interpreted rather loosely. They could be gardens on wheels that are transported from one space to another, temporary garden installations, plants, or products that enable participation in gardening by people with small spaces and mobility issues.

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